Useful links / Användbara länkar

How to play Go
Crazy Sensei:

Popular places to play Go on the net:
Online Go Server (English speaking):
Kiseido Go Server (English speaking):
Tygem (Korean):
W Baduk (Korean):
IGS (Japanese):
Fox (Chinese):

Goquest (blitz on small boards on Pc / smartphone):

News pages:
Explore Baduk:
American Go Association:
European Go Federation:
Svenska Goförbundet:
Free Go magazine:…

Active Forums (many news are hard to find elsewhere):
Baduk Reddit:
Life in 19x19:
OGS Forum:
Baduk shitposting:

basically a wiki page about everything related to Go (created before wikipedia)
Senseis Library:

Recent Game records from professional tournaments

A Large collection of josekis thats still growing

Go pattern search

A free internet Go league and study Group
Open Study Room:

Svenska Goförbundet

Go videos:

The surrounding game:

Proffesional commentary:
Go Pro Yeonwoo:
Lectures by proffesionals at New York institute of Go:
Yoon's Baduk Cafe:
American Go Associations Youtube Channel:
European Go Federations Youtube Channel:
Haylee's World of Go/Baduk:
Igo Weiqi Baduk:
Nihon Ki-in Live streams (mostly in japanese):

Strong amateurs:
Nick Sibicky:
Andrew Jackson: LongstrideBaduk:
nimbim (Shusaku reviews):

Lectures and Other videos:
Baduk Movies:
Go Commentary:
Baduk Tv English:
Open study room:
Yungseng Dojang:

Interviews with various Go players:

GoButiken (Swedish store):
Gameshop Het Paard:
Hebsacker Verlag:
Kurokigoishiten: (Luxury equipment)
SmartGo (Digital interactive Go Books):

Go of Ten:

Go Ai:s to review/play games with:
Automatic game reviews:
For those without strong computers:
On Android:
Another Android app:

Twitch (Live streaming):

Hikaru No Go:
Aji's Quest: