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Welcome to Uppsala Go Club.

We meet once a week to play go and discuss Go.
Our meetings are completely free and you do not need to know how to play Go to come, we are happy to teach Go to new people. Your welcome to bring your own Go board and stones if you have any.
If you have any more questions you can check out our facebook page or contact us.


Tuesdays: 18:00
Foobar at ITC(Pollacksbacken) House 1. It is the entrance furthest away from the other houses and located in the basement. Knock hard on the door and someone will come and open it, or call Carmelo.



Uppsala Go-club was founded on September 19:th at approximately 19:00 at Orvars Pun (Norrlands nation) in the year 1995. Present was a small group of Go players who for several years had constituted an informal club.


Carmelo Jorda
Tel: 073-7098145

Henrik Sommerland
Tel: 070-7558559